Communication & Participation

In February teachers send home a class newsletter, which outlines class programmes, activities, homework and procedures. Parent/Teacher goal setting interviews are held in early March. This is an opportunity for three way communication. Teachers will share assessment information, and together with parents and pupils set priority goals for individual students.

Interviews, accompanied by a written report, take place again in July/August to allow parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss progress and refine goals. A written report will be issued before the end of the school year so that parents can discuss it with the teacher if necessary.

Parents are welcome to talk with teachers, the principal or support services at any time throughout the year. Meetings with the Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour can also be arranged through the school office.

The school welcomes the involvement of parents in many aspects of school life. This involvement is very much appreciated by both staff and children. Individual teachers will notify you of ways in which you can help in their programmes. Not all teachers choose to involve parents in the classroom. However, there are other ways you can assist, such as preparing equipment, involving yourself in the school options programme, sports etc. Please consider the following points if participating in the class programme:
  • please let the teacher know if you are unable to attend
  • ask the teacher about the appropriateness of bringing preschoolers along
  • try to be aware of, and consistent in the use of the teacher’s routines and procedures
  • the Privacy Act has implications for all volunteers involved in classrooms. Please respect the privacy of the teacher’s table and any student records
  • let the teacher know of any skills and interests you may be able to share