Cheese Roll Fundraiser

Published on Monday, 5 August 2019, 9:04 p.m. Print Article

Thank you to everyone who has already sent their cheese roll order forms and money back in. Could we please get all the rest of the orders and the money in by this Wednesday please so we can order ingredients etc. Please make sure you are either giving us cash or depositing the money into the PTA account as one lump sum with the children’s name beside it. We currently have around 10 deposits that have been made that we don’t know which family they are for so please if you think some of these may have been you could you please contact Tash on 0274 433 073 so we can sort this. Thank you

Also, if any one has any boxes or paper bags we are able to pack the orders into please keep these handy and we will sort a day to drop them into school so we can use them to send orders out.

We also have managed to secure the St Johns rooms for Friday 16 during school hours so please let Tash know on 0274 433 073 if you are able to lend a hand this day as we decided this would make the Saturday less stressful and a few parents commented they couldn’t help Saturday but would happily do a school day instead so we are opening up this option. For those who have offered for the Saturday we will send another letter in the next few days confirming times.

Finally, we have also had a few people mention they are not able to help on the day but would like to either help by collecting products on the Thursday or possibly wanting to donate products which is awesome. If those people could contact Tash then we can sort out a plan for what each person would like to do.

Thanks again for the support we have received and we look forward to seeing lots more orders come in.


Sheffield Primary PTA